Welcome to West Label Art! When I first started painting in 2014, art was simply a way to process and express feelings I lacked the words to communicate. To my (pleasant) surprise, these thoughts and emotions resonated with so many people! This realization forms the guiding principle underpining every piece I create: To make works that are both visually stimulating and exploratory; bringing you into a deeper understanding and relationship with yourself.

As far as my aesthetic, I am a city planner by trade. My work pairs bold line work and architectural forms with high voltage color and patterns to engage in storytelling and provide the medium for this self-exploration. I also love spreading Black Joy! So naturally my favorite subjects are black women, natural hair, and afrofuturistic imagery.

Anyway, I’m always experimenting, researching, or biking around town in search of inspiration so follow me on Instagram to join in the adventure!

If you’d like to catch me in person, check out these events:

June 27th, 4p-7p: Independent Week Business Expo @ The Villager (2312 S. Park St.)

July 22nd, 9a-3p: Heymiss Progress Expo & Job Fair @ MATC Truax (1701 Wright St.)


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Acetone. Alcohol. Lighter Fluid. Sea Salt.
I LOVE a good monochromatic background. But a little pizazz never hurts! I’m testing the impact of these materials and others on my monochromies to see if any fun patterns emerge.

Testing Image Transfer Techniques
My favorite technique so far uses gel medium but with so many options out there, how’s a girl supposed to stick to one?

Acrylic Skins
Acrylic skin decals are so much fun to create and can stick to just about anything. This makes them great for collage and 3D works. But be careful! I learned the hard way they can take the paint right off your wall if left too long.


Commissions, courses, or custom illustrations?

The West Label Blog
These are the stories of my creations, the inspirations of their coming to be. May they shed some light on my creative process, and help you better connect with who I am as an artist.
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